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Newborn Care

Newborn Care

We understand that caring for a newborn or multiples can be overwhelming, which is why our team of professionals is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to ensure your baby is happy and healthy.


As newborn care specialists, we are experts at providing full newborn care, including feeding, creating positive sleep habits, maintaining the baby’s daily routines, and coordinating inventory and schedules.


Rest assured that we will provide evidence based information as we teach you basic skills such as diapering, dressing, swaddling, soothing, safe sleep, and babywearing.


TO NICU Families: As newborn care specialists, we have advanced knowledge on navigating care for families with a baby(ies) coming home from the NICU. We are ready to help you transition to life outside of the hospital with your infant(s).

Traveling with your baby? One of the unique aspects of a traveling newborn care specialist is their ability to provide support wherever your family may go. Our specialist will travel with your family to facilitate the transition from hospital to home.

A traveling newborn care specialist can work with you on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on your needs. We are a valuable resource for families who need extra support during a stressful or transitional time, providing peace of mind and confidence for busy parents.

We charge $70 per hour for singletons & $75 per hour for multiples. Premium packages available! Contact us to learn how we can support your family today.

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We had Aijanae as a night doula for three nights a week for six weeks after the birth of our second baby. She was a life saver! Aijanae caught some rough nights with the baby, while my husband and I both slept soundly. She also reinforced our practices to make sure things were consistent for the baby. She figured out different soothing techniques that worked and told us so we could implement them. Also, we asked her to help us establish good sleep hygiene habits with the baby and she was full of suggestions and options. Our baby started consistently sleeping through the night at two months old. Aijanae was a great listening ear and also proactive. She helped me figure out a pumping routine, so I could start to build a milk supply in the freezer. She's extremely knowledgeable about all things baby and sleep and nursing and families adjusting. I've recommended her to everyone I know!


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