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Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula

Our postpartum doulas offer physical and emotional support to families in the first weeks and months with their new baby. We help you plan for your postpartum period, assess the needs of your entire family, and connect you with resources for services not within our scope of practice.


We come to your home soon after birth for 2-4 shifts a week. We start each visit by listening to what is going on for you, providing emotional support for where you are at, assessing your needs and making a plan of action. That might be providing newborn care education, helping you feed your baby, holding your baby so you can catch up on sleep or take a break, or navigating family dynamics and sibling adjustment.


We know that an organized home helps you be more relaxed. During daytime shifts, we offer light housekeeping tasks like tidying up the kitchen or organizing the nursery. We’ll also do your laundry, run errands, prepare snacks, and meal prep.


Postpartum overnight doulas provide overnight care for families who need to get more sleep. We take care of nighttime feedings, help your baby learn positive sleep habits, and create an overall safe restful environment for families with one baby, or multiples.


Postpartum Packages start at $65 per hour for a minimum of 4 weeks at 16-24 hours per week.


Contact us about postpartum doula support for you.

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We engaged Aijanae as a night doula, starting with us 3 nights per week following the birth of our second daughter.  We'd learned after our first go-round that this arrangement can be a lifesaver during those initial, difficult months of a new baby - and it totally was this time, too!  We never once worried about our daughter's safety when she was in Aijanae's care, which meant that we could focus on sleeping and recuperating whenever she was here.

A few details / notes about Aijanae:

- She's high-energy and inclusive.  While my partner and I are a heterosexual, cisgender couple, I noted from the beginning that Aijanae defaulted to neutral language and pronouns.

- While we only requested that she care directly for our infant - making bottles, feeding, diapering, soothing, etc. - she started emptying our dishwasher for us.  If I recall correctly, she's also willing to do baby laundry, clean pump parts, bring the baby to the mother for overnight nursing, etc. 

- She's an excellent communicator.

It is worth nothing that, especially when COVID still looms large for folks (like young children) who are unvaccinated, you should speak with any doula you engage about how often they generally have to reschedule, what happens if you or they need to cancel, what their protocol is in case of COVID exposure.  This is always a good callout, but especially in a pandemic, as I think everyone can experience a scare that requires a potential reschedule.  This was true for Aijanae, too, but we were always able to resolve.  Additionally, I really appreciated that she was highly communicative about her COVID protocols and always willing to take an at-home test if we requested. 

All in all, we enjoyed working with her and were always confident our baby was safe in her care!


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