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About Us

Aijanae Young, Owner

Aijanae came into birth work interested in practicing midwifery. She attended several home births with local midwives in the greater Seattle area. However, her dreams were put on hold when she became pregnant with her first son shortly after graduating high school.


She received so much backlash for being a young, single, black mother. Yet she held so much knowledge and felt very intuitive about her baby and her body. She knew that she was not the only person who was experiencing discrimination within our healthcare system and she wished there was a bridge between families and providers. She decided to be the bridge.


During her pregnancy with her second son, Aijanae looked into how she could show up for the birthing community. She heard about a local birth doula training and was immediately hired into the brand-new Swedish Hospital Doula Program as soon as she completed her training. And that’s how her journey began.

You know the saying,‘It takes a village to raise a child?’ Well it took a village for me to grow my baby, heal, eat, sleep and so much more before I even got to the raising part. I had a doula with each pregnancy. My village nurtured me and poured into me while I poured into my babies. Now, I am that village for others. I want to help people create their own village to support their whole family with what they need, and meet their vision of what a village looks like for them.” — Aijanae Young


But she can’t serve all the families alone. It takes a village. So she created Village to Village Doula Agency.


Aijanae is looking forward to reaching as many families as she can through Village to Village and creating a village where doulas and clients stay connected for years to come.


Today, Aijanae has a blended family of six which includes her partner, 3 sons and a bonus daughter. She is a trained Newborn Care Specialist, sleep consultant, Certified Postpartum Doula and an equity Consultant for NAPS Doulas. When she’s not working, she loves taking her kids rowing on Lake Union, hosting sleepovers, and going on date nights with her life partner.

Village to Village Doula Agency

Village to Village exists for you. We believe that every family deserves a safe and welcoming environment where they can receive compassionate support, love, nurturing and guidance from knowledgeable professionals. We are committed to providing that for new parents.


Through our exceptional doula services, we strive to empower parents to make informed decisions and provide them with the confidence and tools necessary for a successful transition into parenthood. Our grander mission is to create a strong sense of community among parents, caregivers, and doulas, working together to ensure the health and well-being of parents, children, and communities.


“Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy, love, and fulfillment when bringing a new life into the world.”  — Aijanae Young, owner of Village to Village

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We loved having Aijanae as our postpartum doula! She was always very prompt, came with a positive attitude, and had great suggestions and tips when I asked for them. Navigating those first couple of weeks postpartum (especially as a first time mom), she supported me both physically (helping me get more rest) and emotionally. She is also really connected within the postpartum and doula communities, and set me up with a great lactation specialist when my baby had trouble latching. She checked in with me regularly throughout the weeks leading up to the birth and on her off nights—always there to answer questions or help research issues as they came up. I can't recommend her enough!
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Our Team

Village to Village provides the same type of nurturing to our doulas that we provide for your family.


We create a container where doulas grow and expand their skills and specialties so we can provide holistic care to the families we serve.

Our doulas are trained and qualified in their specialties, and have received additional training in trauma-informed care, postpartum adjustment disorders, the impact of the childbearing year on relationships, and inclusivity. We are all committed to racial and social justice and ending the discrimination that Aijanae felt as a new mother. Each of our doulas is committed to being the bridge between families and the healthcare industry.

Experience the Support of  Village to Village Doula Agency

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