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Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching

Sleep… the Holy Grail for ALL parents. Imagine, if every member of your family were getting the sleep they need and deserve, you’d have the energy to be the best parent possible.


Let our sleep consultants show you the ropes. We’ll tell you all about how babies sleep (and why they don’t sleep like us adults) so you can work with the biological needs and rhythms of your baby. You’ll learn about sleep hygiene, safe sleep practices, how to track your baby’s sleep, and develop skills for bedtime and naptime ease.


Parents find that the support of a sleep consultant helps them feel more relaxed, approach sleep with more calm and confidence, and help the whole family get more rest.


We offer virtual or in-person support and guidance starting at $100/hour. Contact us now so you can start sleeping better tonight.

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Aijanae was a tremendous help and I would highly recommend her. We hired her for the fourth trimester and she came the second night we brought our baby home from the hospital. I was recovering from a cesarean and having someone help at night so I could heal was so worth it! Aijanae helped us navigate the first few weeks with baby and we enjoyed her company and knowledge so much we kept her for two more months! She was so great with our son and provided me a new mom with so much information and knowledge of ways to do things, what needs to get done, and would answer any questions we had. Aijanae would also make recommendations based off of what she would notice or think would help! I was so relieved to find out she also helps with sleep training, potty training, and so much more. Her detailed reports after the nights and how he did was so insightful it helped get us on a great schedule and have him learning to sleep through the night! I can’t imagine not having her with us these last few months. We looked forward to the nights she was working with us and her amazing friendly, kind, and compassionate personality. I can’t wait to use her in the future for our growing family!


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