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​Lactation Counseling

​Lactation Counseling

Our lactation consultants provide the latest in evidence-based information and support for breast or chest-feeding parents. Whether you plan to nurse your baby on your body or exclusively pump, want to induce or re-start lactation, we can provide education and instruction to get you off to a great start.


Nursing a baby is often a natural process, but there can still be challenges along the way. The best way to avoid problems is by preparing before your baby even arrives. Book your Prenatal Consultation around 37 weeks to get off to the best start possible. You will know what to expect, have realistic expectations, and we’ll identify potential problems (and solutions) before they surprise you. In your Prenatal Consultation, we'll do an in-person visit to conduct a history and anatomy review, provide lactation education, set expectations, teach you special skills such as hand-expressing or inducing lactation, and create a written plan. Prenatal Consultations are $150.


After your baby is in your arms, we provide lactation support. If you are experiencing nipple pain or damage, engorgement, thrush, plugged ducts and mastitis; if you have more than one baby to feed; if you are worried about milk production or your baby’s weight; if you are ready to introduce bottles or your baby has an aversion to bottle feeding; or you suspect tongue or lip tie issues, our professionals are experienced with all these situations and can help you figure out the cause and a plan of action.


The in-person Lactation Consultation includes a physical assessment of you and your baby, an active feeding assessment, weight check, education, a written plan of action, and two phone follow-ups. The initial Lactation Consultation is $300; additional in-person visits are $150 per hour.


We can also help you when your baby is older. There’s nothing like the reassurance of a lactation professional to help you make a plan for returning to work, weaning your baby, or navigating the conflicting information about introducing solid foods.


Our premium package provides an initial consultation, 5 weeks of weekly in-person visits, and unlimited phone support package starting at $1800 with customizations available.

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Aijanae worked with our family as a postpartum doula and having her support made all the difference for our family. Aijanae was wonderful with our baby, but she was also incredibly supportive of us as first-time parents. Right from the interview, it was clear that Aijanae was there to support us in whatever choices were best for our family without judgment. She helped us establish successful nursing and also gave lots of helpful advice on pumping and bottle feeding. We highly recommend Aijanae!


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